Album 1 Margaret (Bond) Pierce

Album 1 - Margaret Ramey (Bond) Pierce


The Margaret and Julia Bond Albums:


     These photos were gathered throughout their lifetimes and put in albums by two daughters of Robert Lewis Bond (1836-1916) and Martha Jane Ramey (1850-1907), who lived in Carrollton, Carroll Co., KY.   Five such albums were assembled by Margaret Ramey (Bond) Pierce (1874-1970), wife of Norval Lee Pierce (1871-1951) and Julia Frances (Bond) Spalding (1877-1968), wife of Okey Wallace Spalding (1872-1956).  Additionally, included here is a miscellaneous collection of photographs, scans and digital images captured from the world wide web that have been used for identification or to clarify the identification of the album subjects.

Album 1:    Margaret Ramey (Bond) Pierce
Album 2:    Margaret Ramey (Bond) Pierce
Album 3:    Margaret Ramey (Bond) Pierce
Album 4:    Duplicate and/or Important Photos from Albums 1-3
Album 5:    Julia Frances (Bond) Spalding
Miscellaneous:    Loose photos or unassociated images used for identification or clarification



     Photos were selected from each album for family interest and to eliminate duplicates, of which there were more than a few.  The photos were copied at a time when digital scanners were too expensive for home use, so they were first photographed.  The selected photos were placed under glass and photographed using four floodlamps at approximately 45 degrees to the lens to minimize glare.  The film was Kodak Plus-X, developed in Kodak D-19.  The resulting negatives were sent to Eastman Kodak to be scanned at 2000dpi and placed on a CD.  The highest resolution image (of five) of each exposure was then stripped from the CD and stored as a .jpg.  Thumbnails are shown below, each having a link to the full resolution image.

     Some albums have two parts, each having numbering from 0001, owing to the limited storage capacity of the original CDs for the images.  On this website, the second part may or may not be shown, or only a few images of the second part may be shown.  This is because the second parts contain photographs of living persons. 

     Many of the snapshots in the albums may have been taken using a No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak roll film camera, which was part of Margaret (Bond) Pierce's estate.  It produced negatives 35 inches in size.  A large number of snapshots in these albums are that size.




     Each photograph in the albums has been numbered sequentially, using the form: ALBUM2-PT1 001.  They are in chronological order, with a few exceptions.  Generally, each photo has some kind of caption with it in the albums 1-5; this is quoted immediately following the photo number.  Captions may contain the subject(s) present in a photograph and/or the locale and/or date/year.  If a person is not identified by its caption, they are often identified in another photograph or photographs, which is then included in the subject discussion.

     Some albums all have two parts, each having numbering from 0001, owing to the limited storage capacity of the original CDs for the images.  On this website, the second part may or may not be shown, or only a few images of the second part may be shown.  This is because the second parts contain photographs of living persons. 

     Many of the snapshots in the albums may have been taken using a No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak roll film camera, which was part of Margaret (Bond) Pierce's estate.  It produced negatives 35 inches in size.  A large number of snapshots in these albums are that size.



Cast of Characters:


     Margaret Ramey Bond (1874 - 1970), was the daughter of Robert Lewis Bond (1836 - 1916) and Martha Jane "Mattie" Ramey (1850 - 1907).  She lived with her three sisters, Maynie Laura Bond (1872 - 1957), Julia Frances Bond (1877 - 1968), James Dorothy "Dot" [or "Tot"] Bond, and one brother, Richard Frank (who was called Frank or R. Frank) Bond (1881 - 1948).  While growing up, the family first lived at a farm called Clearview, in the Sharon neighborhood on Four Mile Road about five miles south of Ghent, Carroll County, Kentucky; this house was abandoned but still standing as late as 1997.  Later, they moved to a larger house called Smoke Tree, on the Ohio River bank, about one mile east of Carrollton, Carroll County, Kentucky; this house burned to the ground in the early 1900's.  After his children left home and his wife died, Robert L. Bond moved to a smaller house called Mapleview in Sanders, Carroll County, Kentucky; this house is still occupied.  About 1910, Margaret moved to New Orleans, living with her brother Frank.  She married, in 1912, Norval Lee Pierce (1871 - 1951), son of James Perry Pierce (1841 - 1916) and Emeline F. Rolston (1840 - 1895) of Marion, Crittenden County, Kentucky.  They first lived in Marseilles, Illinois, where Norval was the manager of a General Roofing Company (now known as Certainteed) Plant.  Almost immediately, they started making plans to return to farming, purchasing 647 acres just south of Woodville, Wilkenson County, Mississippi, that they called The Plantation, despite the fact that the "big house" appears to be a three-room clapboard shack, where both of their children were born.  In 1919, they sold out of Woodville, and moved to Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi, first on an 80-acre farm west of town, and about 1925, to a town lot in Tupelo.  By 1930, they lived in Chicago, flying high in real estate speculation.  Their oldest, Norval Lee Pierce, Jr. died in April of 1931 from a ruptured spleen, the unexpected effect of a boyish fight, they were running a sandwich shop (more like a hot-dog stand) around the corner from their residence.  By the winter of 1932/33, they gave in to the depression and moved onto "Frankelva", the 69-acre summer or vacation property/farm just south of Natchitoches, Louisiana owned by Frank and Elva Bond, Margaret's brother and sister-in-law.  Initially, Norval fixed up the house, which was in a disreputable state, to be livable.  It then became a comfortable summer retreat of Frank and Elva.  In 1936, they were joined there by Okey and Julia (Bond) Spalding, Margaret's sister.  After the death of Frank Bond in 1948, Norval Pierce in 1951 and Elva shortly after, Margaret, Julia and Okey were allowed to continue to live on "Frankelva", despite its deed having descended to Elva's heirs.  Some time after Okey died in 1956, the two sisters, now elderly, moved to a rental house in town. 

     Maynie Laura "Dixie" Bond (1872 - 1957) was R. L. and Mattie Bond's eldest child.  In 1891, she married Pierce Godbey Winslow (1873 - ?). Pierce was a cabinet-maker in the 1910 census, later, a hand in an automobile plant.  In 1901, they had a son, William Beverly Winslow (named after Pierce's father); he died at just 6 years of age in 1907.  Shortly thereafter they divorced.  Pierce re-married sometime between 1920 and 1930.  Maynie moved to the Oakland area and re-married Clarence Seward Smith (his 2nd marriage) between 1915 and 1920.  Smith had been born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and was naturalized before their marriage.  They lived in Oakland the remainder of their lives.  He was a home-builder during the California bungalow era; she ran a boarding house in one of his large houses.

     Julia Frances Bond (1877 - 1968), Margaret's next youngest sister, married in 1905 Okey Wallace Spalding (1872 - 1956).  Okey was a traveling salesman, and, for a while, they lived with R. L. Bond in his Sanders, Kentucky house.  There, they had a daughter, Margaret Catherine "Kit" Spalding (1907 - 1992).  When Kit was small, they lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana, then Little Rock.  In 1936, after Kit was off to college, Julia and Okey joined Margaret and Norval at "Frankelva" in Natchitoches.  Kit studied nursing at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, but had a long career as a newspaper reporter at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

     James Dorothy "Tot" Bond (1979 - 1964), Margaret's youngest sister, married in 1906 Arthur Yaeger Hayes (1979 - 1942).  He was described as a banker in their marriage record, and later as a farmer in the census.  They lived in Smithfield, Henry County, Kentucky, where his family was located and he was born.  Tot Hayes worked as a bookkeeper when she worked.  They had two sons: Robert Bond Hays (1912 - 1969), a Methodist minister who lived in the Atlanta, Georgia vicinity, and Arthur Hayden Hayes (Abt. 1915 - Bet. 1915-1920) who died in infancy.

     Richard Frank "R. Frank" "Frank" Bond (1881 - 1948), the only son of Robert L. and Mattie Bond, married in 1918 Elva Victoria Nash (1884 - 1951).  By 1910, his occupation was listed as superintendent of a cracker factory in New Orleans; his entire career was spent in the employ of the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), New Orleans.  Frank and Elva bought a house in New Orleans at 30 Neron Place, about a block from the intersection of Canal St. and S. Carrollton St., the end of the line of the St. Charles streetcar.  Elva received, as a legacy from her mother, the ~69 acre farm, which she and Frank re-named: "Frankelva."  When Frank's sisters, Margaret and Julia and their husbands, needed a place to ride out the depression, and eventually to retire, "Frankelva" was offered.  In return, Norval Pierce and Okey Spalding renovated the house and kept the property in repair. 



Album 1 IMG0001; caption: "Norval Stanton Pierce  Springfield, Ill.
Album 1; IMG0002 "J. F. Pierce, Chicago, Ill."
Album 1 IMG0003; "Margaret Catherine Spalding taken in Chicago, Ill. 1927"
Album 1 IMG0004; "At house of Pierces, Marseilles, Ill."
Album 1 IMG0005; "At house of NL & Margaret Pierce in Marsieles [Marseilles], IL; R. L. Bond 1915"

Album 1 IMG0006; "Margaret Catherine Spaulding"
Album 1 IMG0007; "Sunday school class New Orleans 1. Margaret Bond 2. Ethel Sattler 3. Miss Sanders 4. Miss Bennett, 5. Miss Brown."
Album 1 IMG0008; "R. L. Bond R. F. Bond New Orleans, La."
Album 1 IMG0009; "Robert Bond Hays now Rev. Bob Bond Hays, Methodist minister."
Album 1 IMG0010; "Robert Hays."
Album 1 IMG0011; "Robert Hays."
Album 1 IMG0012; "Mrs. James Dorothy Bond Carrollton, Ky." [also known as Tot or Dot]
Album 1 IMG0013 "Mr. Arthur Y. Hays, Smithville, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0014; "Robert Bond Hays."
Album 1 IMG0015; "Maynie Bond Smith, Dorothy & AY Hays & Robert, Lexington, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0016; "Elva, R. F. Bond and --."
Album 1 IMG0017; "Frank Bond and Catherine Spalding age 3 mo, Sanders, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0018; "Robert Bond Hays, Catherine Spalding, Norval Lee Pierce (l-r) and James Pierce front."
Album 1 IMG0019; "Maynie B. Smith, R. F. Bond, New Orleans, La."
Album 1 IMG0020; "Home of Mr. & Mrs. R. F. Bond 30 Neron Place New Orleans, La."
Album 1 IMG0021; "William Beverly Winslow age 3 yrs."
Album 1 IMG0022; "Clarence S. Smith Berkeley, Calif."
Album 1 IMG0023; "Mayne B. Smith, Berkeley, Calif."
Album 1 IMG0024; "Norval Lee" [Pierce]
Album 1 IMG0025; "Home of Mrs. C. S. Smith, Berkeley, Calif."
Album 1 IMG0026; unmarked.
Album 1 IMG0027; "Mayne"
Album 1 IMG0028; "Maynie & friend."
Album 1 IMG0029; "Maynie Bond Winslow."
Album 1 IMG0030; "Baptist Church, Sanders, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0031; "William Winslow."
Album 1 IMG0032; "O. W. Spalding, Margaret Catherine Spalding."
Album 1 IMG0033; unmarked.   [Maple Lawn, Sanders, KY].jpg
Album 1 IMG0034; "Mr. & Mrs. O. W. Spalding, Margaret Spalding."
Album 1 IMG0035; "Margaret Catherine Spalding [r], Catherine Liddle, Lake Charles, La."
Album 1 IMG0036; "Blue Lick Springs, Sanders, KY, Margaret Catherine Spalding."
Album 1 IMG0037; "O. W. Spalding & cow, Sanders, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0038; "Aunt Mar & Margaret Spalding, Sanders, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0039; "Maynie, Frank, Tot, Julia, Margaret at Sanders after mother's death July 1907."
Album 1 IMG0040; "Home of R. L. Bond, Sanders, Ky."
  Album 1 IMG0041; "R. L. Bond, Gay Denmark."
Album 1 IMG0042; unmarked. [Clearview, Sharon neighborhood.jpg
Album 1 IMG0043; "Carrollton, KY top- Maynie, Dorothy, Julia; bottom- Margaret. Bond sisters c.1890."
Album 1 IMG0043; James Dorothy Bond Detail.
Album 1 IMG0043; Julia Frances Bond Detail.
Album 1 IMG0043; Margaret Ramey Bond Detail.
Album 1 IMG0043; Maynie Laura Bond Detail.
Album 1 IMG0044; "Clearview, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0045; "Margaret Bond visiting in Jacksonville, Fla., home of Captain Shuck Whitaker."
Album 1 IMG0046; "Jacksonville, Fla."
Album 1 IMG0047; "Vela Handley, Margaret Bond, Winchester, Tenn."
Album 1 IMG0048; "Mr. & Mrs. N.L. Pierce. St. Louis, Mo. On the wedding train to Calif. in 1912." [photo has Jan. 27 marked in lower right]
Album 1 IMG0049; Detail of just Norval and Margaret from previous Wedding train photo.
Album 1 IMG0050; back: "J .R. Ramey, Margaret Bond. front- Mrs. James Whitehead [nee Hettie Thompson], Maynie Bond, Miss Thompson."
Album 1 IMG0050; Detail of 'Miss Thompson' [probably Maggie].
Album 1 IMG0051; back: "Katie Wallingham, Jennie Bond, Margaret Bond, Bess Thurman. front- --, Abbie Bond, Aunt Fannie [two missing]."
Album 1 IMG0052; [not in order] "Mr. & Mrs. PG Winslow , Katie Vallandigham, Ella Mundy, [Sue Elise], Margaret Bond, Cora Barrett, Katie Barrett, Haldie McCann, [Bie--dus]."
Album 1 IMG0052; Mr. & Mrs. PG Winslow (Maynie Bond) detail.

Album 1 IMG0053; "Dr. Hampton's house, --Hutchins, Ella Hampton, Jack Hampton (bowler), Bess Hampton."
Album 1 IMG0054; "Mattie Bond Cunningham, Dr. Rex Cunningham, Martha and Rex."
Album 1 IMG0055; "Mary Belle Ramey."
Album 1 IMG0056; "Dr. & Mrs. Garraway, Mary Belle [Ramey] and Charles."
Album 1 IMG0057; "Hal Eaves, Greenville, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0058; "Entrance to Hal Eaves home."
Album 1 IMG0059; "Father Eaves & grandchildren."
Album 1 IMG0060; "Aunt Helen Bond. Home of Young People, Sharon neighborhood. Everyone is welcome, Ky hospitality."

Album 1 IMG0061; "Uncle Pierce W --- [looks like Witaker + same page as Helen (Whitaker Bond]."; Album 1 IMG0061; detail of marked man: R. L. Bond, not Pierce Whitaker.
Album 1 IMG0062; "Lura Bond."

Album 1 IMG0063; "Margaret Bond at home in New Orleans, La. Margaret Bond kept home for her brother R. F. Bond in N. O. Watching her neighbors 6th & Prytiana."
Album 1 IMG0064; "Lula Wright Lyons, Carrie French, Litchfield, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0065; "Daisy [Jamison] Gaines, [wife of] Dr. Frank Gaines [Francis M. Gaines] (head of the hospital in Okla. City, Okla.) wife, daughter Mary."
Album 1 IMG0066; "Frank Bond On Avenue of Home on Ohio River 'Smoke Tree'."
Album 1 IMG0067; "White's Run Church & School House."
Album 1 IMG0068; "Off to the Mine Mattie B. Cunningham."
  Album 1 IMG0069; "Mine Mattie Bond Ramey, Norval Pierce."

Album 1 IMG0069; Lou Ann Cunningham detail.
Album 1 IMG0070; "Mine."
Album 1 IMG0071; "Mine. All went up in smoke."
Album 1 IMG0072; "House on Pierce Plantation, Woodville, Miss."
Album 1 IMG0073; "Woodville, Miss. Baptist Church over 100 yrs."
Album 1 IMG0074; "Mr. & Mrs. N. L. Pierce and son, Woodville Miss. Plantation."
Album 1 IMG0075; "Dorothy and A. Y. Hays, Lexington, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0076; "Barn at Woodville, Miss."
Album 1 IMG0077; "House on the Ohio River, 1 mile from Carrollton, KY - the view from our river bank [burned in early 20th cent.]."
Album 1 IMG0078; "Mr. N.L. Pierce, St. Louis, Mo."
Album 1 IMG0079; "Miss Margaret Bond. Married Oct 24, 1912, Covington, Ky."
Album 1 IMG0080; "Frankelva July 29th, 1938."
  Album 1 IMG0081; "John C. Bond and Frank Bond."

Album 1 IMG0081; John C. Bond detail.
Album 1 IMG0082; "Frank Bond."
Album 1 IMG0083; "Bess, Margaret, Virginia, prob. Elva, prob. Tot."
Album 1 IMG0084; "Dixie (Maynie Smith)."
Album 1 IMG0085; "Lula Wright Lyons, Margaret Pierce."
Album 1 IMG0086; "Dorothy Hays and Virginia Bond."
Album 1 IMG0087; "Mr. & Mrs. A.S. Bond."; detail on Mrs. Bond
Album 1 IMG0088; "Ranch House, Mrs. N. L. Pierce & son, Mrs. Champ (Gargie)."
Album 1 IMG0089; "Father & son" on the plantation.  [N. L. Pierce and N. L. Jr.]
Album 1 IMG0090; "Emily's husband Ira." Another father and son on the plantation.  [don't know last name but Emily's maiden name was Collins] and son"
Album 1 IMG0091; "Emily [Collins] with James Pierce."
Album 1 IMG0092; "Miss. bunch on plantation."
Album 1 IMG0093; "Jean (baby) and Cameron Russell, St. Louis, Mo [former roomer in Marseilles, IL]."
Album 1 IMG0094; "Mrs. Arthur Hemphill and baby, Kennett, Mo [former roomers in Marseilles, IL]."
Album 1 IMG0095; "Mother Russell, Bess and Arthur Hemphill, Odine & Cameron Russell at Marseilles, Il [lived in same house as N.L Pierce & Margaret]."
Album 1 IMG0096; "Maynie Smith from Christmas card."
Album 1 IMG0097; "Maynie Smith April 11, 1945."
Album 1 IMG0098; unmarked.
Album 1 IMG0099; unmarked.
Album 1 IMG0100; unmarked. [N.L. Pierce]


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