Crittenden County, KY Historical Society - Album No. 1


The Album

     This album is the first of two that reside in the Crittenden Co., KY Historical Society collection.  I was kindly allowed to use a laptop and a scanner to copy the photos. 

     The original owner of the album is not known.  It almost goes without saying that the original album owner was female.  Males generally did not and generally still do not collect mementos of their youth or even keep up previous or youthful friendships, as these photographs represent.

      The album is found to contain the photographs of Florence (Pierce) Yandell, her husband (or husband-to-be) William B. Yandell, her father James Perry Pierce, her mother Emeline (Rolston) Pierce, and her brother Ira Tilden Pierce.  But the album does not appear to have been kept by Florence herself, since her photos are marked with her name and the name of her husband, as if she was an acquaintance of the album owner, but not in the immediate family of the album owner.  Florence kept a large number of photographs loose rather than in an album.

     The presence of such a large number of Pierce and Yandell photos does indicate that the album owner was someone close to the family, as mentioned, not in the Florence (Yandell) Pierce's immediate family, but perhaps a cousin or other distant relative.  The large number of photographs from the Douglass studio, Evansville, Indiana suggests that the album owner lived in or near Evansville, Indiana or its near neighbor across the Ohio River, Marion, Kentucky, where, apparently, either Douglass had a branch or people traveled to Evansville for their photos.

     The large number of photos of teenagers from the W.S. Lively studio in McMinnville, Tennessee implies that the album owner probably attended the girls' school in McMinnville.



     The photographs within this album comprise part of three collections of photographs from Crittenden Co., KY and associated with Florence (Pierce) Yandell or her family, referred to as:
     1) FPY Loose Photos - a collection of loose photographs originally belonging to Florence (Pierce) Yandell (1861-1938), which were found in the attic of the house she formerly occupied,
     2) Crittenden County Historical Society (CCHS) Album No. 1, an album in the collection of the Crittenden Co., KY Historical Society, and
     3) Crittenden County Historical Society (CCHS) Album No. 2, another album at the Crittenden Co., KY Historical Society.

     Within this the overall collection, photos from the Florence (Pierce) Yandell loose photos are numbered FPY 001 through FPY 192; photographs from the Crittenden County, Kentucky Historical Society Album No. 1 are numbered CCHS 197 through CCHS 248; photographs from the Crittenden County, Kentucky Historical Society Album No. 2 are numbered CCHS 249 through CCHS 279.


Order of the Photographs

     The order of numbering of the CCHS photographs in the two albums was as they appeared front to back in the album.  In this case, some photos might have been mounted  adjacent to each other, e.g., a husband and wife facing each other in sequential pages. or children next to parents.  Therefore, the order of CCHS photographs may have significance, and should be kept in mind during identification.

     The FPY photographs were loose and not apparently arranged in any kind of order.  They were first reviewed in the order received.  Later, some photos were pulled out and grouped with other photos, using one of the following criteria: photos containing similar-appearing or the same person, photos having the same type of mount, or photographs of a similar era, e.g., CDVs.  Finally, all photos not pulled into a grouping were placed at the end, according to age - CDVs, then cabinet cards, then later mounted cards, and last, unmounted photos.  For this reason, the order of the FPY photographs has no significance, and should be ignored.



     Most of the photos are not identified, but a few were either marked on the back or by inscriptions on the album page. 

     The filename of each photograph is given to the right in order to keep the notes associated with the correct photo.  These filenames may have names and appear to identify the subject, but they were tentative guesses made at the time of scanning and may be completely wrong.  Please pay attention to the notes below the filenames, which represent the most recent identification and reason/logic for the identification.

     Where such a back or album inscriptions was present, it is described in the notes to the right of the thumbnail.  Since a photograph is not generally removed from its place in the album (which tends to rip the album), such back inscriptions are assumed to have been written by the original album owner and written contemporaneously with the photography.  Therefore, back inscriptions are assumed to be correct unless overwhelming evidence shows them not to be.

     Where there is an inscription on the album page, it was usually added by a member of the historical society.  Such an inscription would have been added much later than the year when the photograph was taken.  The inscribing person might be basing the identification on knowing the person during their lifetime and recognizing them at a younger age, or basing the identification on having seen a copy of the same photograph or other photographs of the subject that had been already identified.  Album inscription are therefore dependent on the memory of a local person, and tend to be correct, but not necessarily so.

     When a photographer's logo or name is present on the photo mount, it is also quoted in the notes; the location in which a photo was taken often provides an important clue as to the identity of the subject, as well as a probable important location in the life of the subject, such as a school location.

     The firmest identifications of unmarked photographs are those involving the James Perry Pierce extended family, for which there exist a large number of other photographs that were identified and mounted by a member of the family shortly after the photographs were taken.

     When the identity of the subject of a photograph is uncertain based on other photographs that are already identified, a primitive facial recognition method is used, in which the photo to be identified is 1) cropped so that the eyes are exactly horizontal, 2) sized so that the head top to chin distance is the same as an identified photograph to which it is to be compared, 3) copied and pasted to a photoshop file containing the identified photograph, and finally, 4) comparing the width of the eyes, the width of the cheekbones, the position of the nose, the position of the mouth, and the presence of any other facial features, such as a cleft chin, freckles, moles, etc. 

     Leaps of logic, tenuous connections, and similar guess have been liberally used.  All identifications are to used with a grain of salt.


If I have made errors, and you have correct or additional identification/information, please contact me ( and allow me to correct the errors.


Cast of Characters:

     This album contains photographs mainly from the children and extended family, and perhaps friends and acquaintances of Florence (Pierce) Yandell (1861-1938) and her husband, William Bennett Yandell (1857-abt. 1930) :





CCHS 197 (Firroe The Arcade Photographer Cincinnati O) [Nathaniel C. Ramey c1885]-500.jpg

Photography: Cabinet card; front, Fieroe  28 Arcade, Cincinnati, Ohio.


 198 CCHS 198 [Tom Ramey]-500.jpg 

photography: cabinet card, unmarked.

199  CCHS 199 (Douglass Evansville, IN Photographer-500).jpg 
200  CCHS 200-500.jpg 
 201 CCHS 201 Emeline Rolston Pierce 1890-1895 (Douglass Evansville, IN Photographer)-500.jpg 
202  CCHS 202 (Poole Art Co. Nashville, Tenn.)-500.jpg 
 203 CCHS 203 J.W. Blue Jr. 1894 (Hunt, Paducah, KY)-500.jpg 
 204 CCHS 204 same as 088 (W.G. & A.J. Thuss, Nashville, Tenn.)-500.jpg 

Looks like Richard Miles Pierce (1874-1959), son of Jacob Ayhart Pierce (1842-1930) and Elvira (Oliver) Pierce (1845-1929).
205  CCHS 205 same man as 261 (W.V. Haggard Photographer Lebanon Tenn)-500.jpg 
 206 CCHS 206-500.jpg 
 207 CCHS 207 (J.M.Livelys Photographer)-500.jpg 
 208 CCHS 208 Looks like Levi Edward Cook (George Newton, Fairfield, Illinois)-500.jpg 
 209 CCHS 209 same photo as 059-500.jpg 
 210 CCHS 210-500.jpg 
 211 CCHS 211 Wybrant Photographer Louisville KY-500.jpg 
 212 CCHS 212 N. c. 1880 William Bennett Yandell Harrison Photographer Galesburg IL Strawberry blonde hair etc McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 213 CCHS 213 A.G. Roberts, Henderson, KY Photographer [same man as 253]-500.jpg 
 214 CCHS 214 Norval Lee Pierce c.1885 Louisville stamp-500.jpg 

Same photographer and card design as a photo of a girl, CCHS 227.
 215 CCHS 215 c. 1880 W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 216 CCHS 216 Florence E. Pierce c. 1880 W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 217 CCHS 217 c. 1880 school chums Florence E. Pierce on left. W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 218 CCHS 218 c. 1880 school chums Florence E. Pierce on right. W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 219 CCHS 219 c. 1880 W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 220 CCHS 220 c. 1880W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 221 CCHS 221 c. 1880 W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 222 CCHS 222 c. 1880 W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville TN-500.jpg 
 223 CCHS 223-500.jpg 

Could be the same man as in CCHS 275, general bone shape, nose and ear match.
 224 CCHS 224 Florence Yandell Marion Kentucky Wife of Mr. Will Barton Yandell-500.jpg 
 225 CCHS 225 Florence Pierce Yandell-500.jpg 

She is leaning on the same photographic prop as the woman in the next photo, CCHS 226; even though this photo is not marked as such, it must be W.S. Lively, McMinnville, TN.
 226 CCHS 226 c. 1880 W.S. Lively Photographer McMinnville, TN-500.jpg 
 227 CCHS 227-500.jpg 

Same girl as CCHS 229.  Same photographer and card design as a photo of Norval Pierce, CCHS 214.
 228 CCHS 228 R.W. Young Photographer Mattoon, IL 2-25-85 Louis-500.jpg 

Could be the same man as CCHS 270, Geo. H. Simmons. 
 229 CCHS 229-500.jpg 

Same girl as CCHS 227.
 230 not assigned   
 231 CCHS 231 Lane's Art Gallery Photographer Chattanooga, TN-500.jpg 
 232 CCHS 232 'Msh Nammis tst (bst) -mstun'-500.jpg 
 233 CCHS 233 Levi Edward Cook-500.jpg 
 234 CCHS 234 Kunnecke and Redding Photographer Henderson, KY-500.jpg 
 235 CCHS 235 James Perry Pierce c.1900-500.jpg 
 236 CCHS 236-500.jpg 
 237 CCHS 237-500.jpg 

Based on the age of this person in c.1885, when these photos are from, his mouth, jawline, and mainly the shape of ears, he could very well be Ira Tilden Pierce (1874-1924), the son of James Perry Pierce (1841-1916)(this album No. 235) and Eveline F. (Rolston) Pierce (1840-1895)(this album No. 201)CCHS 245 is another photo of Ira Pierce.
 238 CCHS 238: Unmarked cabinet card (4x6" photo).

Photographer:  Unknown

     I had made a note during the first time through the photos: "same woman as in CCHS 267".   CCHS 267 is identified as Emeline (Rolston) Pierce (1840-1895), wife of James Perry Pierce (1841-1916).

It appears to have been taken at about the same time as CCHS 267, i.e., c.1880.
 239 CCHS 239-500.jpg 
 240 CCHS 240 Corinne English Fairfield, Ills abt 1888-500.jpg 
 241 CCHS 241 same photo as 010 Oct 1886 Thomas J. Yandell, Jr (id'd later by someone but this is WB Yandell not even same father)-500.jpg 
 242 CCHS 242-500.jpg 

Could be the same man as "your friend John" in CCHS 255.
 243 CCHS 243 Pontol-500.jpg 
 244 CCHS 244 1885 (ink) 10156 (pencil)-500.jpg 
 245 CCHS 245 same photo as 027 Ira Tilden Pierce-500.jpg 
 246 CCHS 246 Evelyn Pierce and Mr. Taylor (W.W. Lively Photographer McMinnville, TN not from the album but similar)-500.jpg 
 247 CCHS 247 John T. Franks from Crittenden Press Aug. 9, 1894 (not from the album but similar)-500.jpg 

CCHS 269 appears to be the same person.
 248 CCHS 248 Probably Ruth Rebecca Pierce dau. George Collin 230 Tensfeld and Kuhn Photographers St. Louis, MO-500.jpg 




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